Advanced Analytics

Your Data. Your Way.

AUM has harnessed the power of over 1 billion records captured specifically for energy expense management to provide the most comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) tool for multifamily property owners in the industry.

We use data collected off of every energy and utility invoice so property owners can be well-informed of their expense and usage.  Just one invoice contains approximately 75     data points that should be used to manage multifamily energy spend, be it financially or operationally.


Using business intelligence technology allows property owners to interact with their data and understand its meaning.  Understanding utility usage and expense each month is crucial for property owners, as well as their residents, and knowing this information can help owners manage their utilities more effectively. For a company like AUM, our ability to share real-time data and information with clients saves them money, and allows them to focus on filling their properties with residents.

To receive access to the most powerful energy and utility analytics tool in Multifamily, you must be an AUM Invoice Processing Client.  For more on this cost-saving service, CLICK HERE.

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