Bob Malpasuto

Bob Malpasuto 
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Malpasuto joined AUM in July, 2000 as Executive Vice President of Finance and Technology. Before this he spent five years at AMLI Residential Properties as Chief Information Officer. Prior to joining AMLI, Bob spent four years at Starwood Lodging as Director of Financial Development.

With his financial and technological expertise, Bob has helped AUM develop the multifamily industry’s leading platform for resident billing and utility management services. By employing a robust and infinitely scalable Oracle-based system, AUM is the only provider in the industry housing all of these services on the same platform.

In addition to overseeing systems development at AUM, Bob helped create ou
r highly sophisticated Invoice Processing Service, which today processes over 100,000 invoices a month while eliminating late fees and  capturing consumption and cost data to a degree and detail that is unmatched in the multifamily industry.