Power of One

“The Power of One” is the philosophy that drives everything we do and provides the foundation on which we move forward with every project and initiative.

One Company

Our One Company provides energy management, invoice processing, resident services, and vacant cost recovery services. We currently partner with nearly 2,700 apartment communities in 40 states, representing approximately 415,000 billable apartment units and more than 525,000 units under contract. Last year, we increased property values on those Multifamily units by issuing 4.8 million billing statements representing $1.1 billion in convergent and utility charges with 98.5% on-time billing, processing 853,000 energy and utility invoices worth $211 million with 99.7% data capture accuracy and 99.9925% on-time payment, and managing 94 million kWh and 16 million Therms through energy commodity procurement. 

One Platform

To meet your unique needs, we apply a custom-built data platform that allows us to address those needs flexibly and comprehensively. Our unparalleled system of data and resource management enables us to analyze each piece of data from every utility bill, readily analyze and evaluate your property's situation, then quickly execute short-term and long-term cost saving solutions.

One Focus

Our One Focus is to serve the needs of you, our multifamily client. We approach this service passionately, every day, by providing customized solutions for each multifamily facility and owner. Our working process is customized to act as your virtual energy management department.

One Team

With AUM, you get One Team of highly experienced people working for you. We understand every facet of multifamily utilities and energy management and know how to streamline operations through excellent technology and service. Our teams work together seamlessly to share data, insights and understanding about your individual needs.

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