Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing Solutions 

Timely and accurate energy invoice accounting

An effective multifamily invoice processing program requires an energy partner with one focus run by energy experts. Our service is managed by leaders with decades of energy and utility experience who proactively manage, validate, track and analyze your energy and utility expenses real time.

With AUM Invoice Processing, you can expect:

  • Predictable cash flow for your utility expenses through timely payables, accurate accounting, automated tracking, industry leading data validation process for each of your energy and utility invoices
  • Reduced late fees due with a “watchdog” program for managing late, inaccurate, and missing invoices
  • Better budget and forecasting capabilities for fiduciary planning purposes.

Invoice Processing Service Overview

Our Invoice Processing solution saves our clients hundreds of hours each year and protects properties from devastating service shut-offs, unnecessary fees and unavoidable employee oversight.

With AUM Invoice Processing Services, you have two choices:

AUM Processes | Client Pay

AUM receives the invoices on your behalf, captures and validates every expense and meter data point into a secure database, loads the expense data to your payables software and then you pay based on your cash flow controls.
AUM Processes | AUM Pays

AUM receives the invoices, captures and validates every expense and meter data point into a secure database, sends you a request to transfer funds OR approval to make payments from your bank account. Once approved and funded makes individual payments (single payment per invoice) to the utility providers. AUM offers multiple funding and banking options. 

    Advantages of the AUM Invoice Processing Solution

    • No Missing Bills – Each bill is tracked weekly to the utility provider to obtain a copy and confirm future receipt.
    • Auditing and Monitoring – For variance control, each bill line is compared against history; consumption-driven and cost-driven factors are flagged.. Variance triggers may be customized by client.
    • Online Client Portal – Provides direct, 24/7 access to property data, billing and reporting tools.
    • Accurate Budgeting and Forecasting – Via the client portal, we offer a robust set of tools and reports that enable managers to make quick and accurate forecasts..
    • Accrual Reports – Our robust accrual system tracks historical data and maximizes efficiency through three methods of calculation: 1) modified cash, 2) full accrual, and 3) full accrual with standard dates.
    • Training – Educating our clients is critical to the success of our solution and the success of our clients.

    If you would like to learn more about AUM Invoice Processing Services, please contact us here.

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